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Greentique Hotels has always been deeply rooted in the communities where we operate our hotels. No initiative or program is to small to have a positive impact on a local or even national level. We take pride in sharing our comittemnt of economic and environmental sustainability for the betterment of the local communities that support us and to the country that host us. Green Army Ants Program A program to educate our children to take care of our natural resources, as well as the benefits of practicing good habits of recycling, respect for the Flora & Fauna, caring for the water resources and conserving energy. Children from various school districts in Costa Rica participated in a drawing contest sponsored by Greentque Hotel Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Nature Reserve & ICE to illustrate their ideas sustainability and the environment. Winning drawings were later exhibited in a gale event and to eventually be printed on ICE credit calling cards, t-shirts or banners. Santa Juana Rural Mountain Tour Reforestation Program In conjunction with Greentique Hotel, Si Como No Resort Spa & Wildlife Refuge the Santa Juana Rural Mountain Tour & community have embarked on a reforestation program of indigenous species. Trees will be planted in the name of each guest that participates in the tour. Guest are given a certificate in recognition of there sustainable contribution. Si Como No Recycling & ASOPROQUEPOS Si Como No Resort Spa & Wildlife Refuge is the largest private company recycler in the Costa Rican canton of Puntarenas. Proceeds from the recycling go directly to ASOPROQUEPOS which helps single mother sand their children. Villa Blanca & San Ramon School Assistance Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Nature Reserve works closely with local schools in and around San Ramon to supply the elementary schools with educational materials and refurbishments, such as computers and to sponsor outings to clean and paint the schools. Si Como No & Fincas Naturalas Wildlife Refuge nature education programs Si Como No’s wildlife refuge offers tours to school groups throughout Costa Rica. The children experience the Butterfly gardens, amphibian exhibit and classes conducted by certified nature guides and biologists helping them learn about their environment and sustainable practices.