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“Día de las Madres” de Si Como No By Jim Damalas Recently we celebrated our 20th Mother’s Day lunch at Si Como No with all the mother’s who work with us at one of our Costa Rica hotels on the beach. What struck me, looking at the photo I took, was that a few of [...]

With few economic opportunities and subsistence agriculture as the main occupation, Santa Juana Community as many rural villages are losing their populations as the young people migrate to the bigger towns, causing family disintegration and other related problems. By maintaining families together, by building a community where education and health services are available we are [...]

By Jim Damalas Not until we decided to develop a rural tour of the nearby village of Santa Juana, overlooking our resort in Manuel Antonio at Si Como No, did some local village talent become recognized. We needed to decorate the rancho, El Mirador, where we were serving Camposino lunches made by the local ladies [...]

By Jim Damalas The languages of peace and tranquility are spoken in the mountains of Santa Juana, Costa Rica. Alive-In the pure energy of nature, in the blissful scent of the regions native flowers, mystical waterfall and the hum of the birds and butterflies which live in Zen unison with all people who enter this [...]

by Jim Damalas One valuable aspect in my years in hospitality is how Si Como No, our resort here in Costa Rica, has been hosting repeat guests for two decades, I believe to be a testament to our popularity that has stood the test of time. We just hosted another family recently for their 5th [...]