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Many people are starting to learn that spending time in nature is a great way to relieve stress from their everyday activities. Being outdoors not only reduces stress but also refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body. We cannot underestimate the benefits of spending time in nature, and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is one such incredible [...]

As you embark on a new journey together with your soul mate, it may be opportune that those first days and especially nights together as newlyweds are spent in a private, intimate, and memorable settings. What better way to celebrate your love for one another than with a honeymoon in Costa Rica? Whether you are [...]

Our resort in Manuel Antonio is an ideal spot for any avid birder to visit. Si Como No’s location in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coastline is one of the best to view some of the exotic bird species that call Costa Rica home. There are nearly 500 different bird species, of which 150 are migratory  [...]

“Día de las Madres” de Si Como No By Jim Damalas Recently we celebrated our 20th Mother’s Day lunch at Si Como No with all the mother’s who work with us at one of our Costa Rica hotels on the beach. What struck me, looking at the photo I took, was that a few of [...]

With few economic opportunities and subsistence agriculture as the main occupation, Santa Juana Community as many rural villages are losing their populations as the young people migrate to the bigger towns, causing family disintegration and other related problems. By maintaining families together, by building a community where education and health services are available we are [...]