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What better date to tie the knot than Valentine’s Day. Mike & Terri live in Pittsburg, Pensylvannia; and decided to celebrate their Destination Wedding in Costa Rica and Si Como No Resort and Spa was their choice, they have never being in Si Como No, and there’s where my love for wedding planning comes in [...]

[English] When we came up with the idea to ask Head Nature Guide, Johnny Hernandez, from our Wildlife Refuge at Si Como No, to present a Tree Adoption Certificate to Dr. Oscar Arias, the twice elected president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, I was completely surprised by how moved he was by the [...]

Mike y Terri viven en Pittsburg, Pensilvania y decidieron celebrar su “Destination Wedding” en Si Como No Resort and Spa, a pesar de que nunca habían estado en Si Como No; fue aquí donde mi amor por la planeación de bodas salió a flote y decidí tener un tour privado por las instalaciones con la [...]

When Allan Jimenez first came for an interview to work on our new rural tour project, The Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure, he was only 19, living with his mother and brother in the tiny village of Santa Juana, pop. 36 overlooking the famous national park beaches of Manuel Antonio and Resort of Si Como [...]

It’s been 11 years since I started working in this great place, it’s been rewarding in the sense of having the joy of sharing the day with wonderful workmates, who are hard workers and always ready to give their best… And all these details give the place an atmosphere of good vibes and the feeling [...]