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As part of our work in the preparation of organic fertilizers and soil improvements, our colleague Ronald Villalobos, person in charge of the butterfly Gardens, found in the earth one of the most amazing animals of the animal kingdom, called Living Fossils, appeared on Earth for over 500 million years ago! Onicóforos, also called Velvet [...]

As I walk towards the lobby a lot of memories flood my thoughts but coming through that door is like entering a cathedral, a tribute to nature…vast ocean and jungle views spread out before you.  It’s a nice comfortable stroll through the Si Como No lobby and worth the extra time to just stop and [...]

I went to spend the afternoon at Manuel Antonio beach. Headed to the north end called Playitas. As I was sitting there I just couldn’t get over the everlasting beauty and the hundreds of hues of green the rainforest reflects.Yesterday the surf was soft and the water so purifying to the soul. Although its rainy [...]

Considering that not long ago most of us Gringos thought Central America was somewhere between Mexico and the Panama Canal, in fact some still refer to  locals as friendly “islanders”, it’s nice to realize that many of the million plus yearly visitors have the opportunity to discover the exceptional Costa Rica experiences of beautiful natural [...]

For nearly a decade now, biologist Jimmy Mata inspects and certifies the operations for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MINAET) every 90 days.  Jimmy conducts this certification at the Manuel Antonio Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge, a nature preserve owned and operated by the Si Como No, the flagship resort of Greentique Hotels.   The [...]