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It’s been 11 years since I started working in this great place, it’s been rewarding in the sense of having the joy of sharing the day with wonderful workmates, who are hard workers and always ready to give their best… And all these details give the place an atmosphere of good vibes and the feeling [...]

3 years ago initiate what, at first, I thought was going to be a job and now has become a life style for me: Wedding Planning! Which to me means creating unique experiences and memories in the memory of couples (and their guests) who left on my hands so important time in their life. During [...]

From my work to my home … Remembering that day in February 2007, when I decided to move from Limón to the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, only looking for the work that would make me grow and stabilize my family financially . When I started my work in the accounting department of Hotel Si [...]

As part of our work in the preparation of organic fertilizers and soil improvements, our colleague Ronald Villalobos, person in charge of the butterfly Gardens, found in the earth one of the most amazing animals of the animal kingdom, called Living Fossils, appeared on Earth for over 500 million years ago! Onicóforos, also called Velvet [...]

As I walk towards the lobby a lot of memories flood my thoughts but coming through that door is like entering a cathedral, a tribute to nature…vast ocean and jungle views spread out before you.  It’s a nice comfortable stroll through the Si Como No lobby and worth the extra time to just stop and [...]