by Jim Damalas

One valuable aspect in my years in hospitality is how Si Como No, our resort here in Costa Rica, has been hosting repeat guests for two decades, I believe to be a testament to our popularity that has stood the test of time. We just hosted another family recently for their 5th stay with us. Like many young couples, they originally spent their Honeymoon with us, and now for a 5th time with us with their teenage children. Several members of our staff in Costa Rica resorts had been there the first time and again now in 2014 offering the consistent exceptional Costa Rica experiences we seamlessly share.


Our cook prepared a romantic dinner for their Honeymoon

One good example is Jose Miguel Mata, our head cook, who had prepared a romantic dinner for their Honeymoon suite, still happy to prepare a new generation of family members his popular Arroz con Pollo. And with Waharner, our head Concierge was back then the Bellboy who took a bottle of sparking wine to their Honeymoon Suite 15 hears ago.

I often am asked why employees stay around so long, and my response has is always what a “boutique” hotel means to me. Many hotels started out like the Si Como No with just a few rooms and a staff of 8. What now has become a complete resort still supports our mission behind the motto that our unique brand of the “Magic of Nature” is in harmony with the “Good Natured” staff and environment that invites our guests to feel right at home, many feeling it’s their own vacation home.

Now we are including repeat customers in our other sister hotels, at Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel in San Ramon, and Aguila de Osa Inn on the Osa Peninsula, all a part of Greentique family of hotels here in beautiful Costa Rica.

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