by Jim Damalas

When I was designing the first phase of Si Como No as Costa Rica sustainable hotel, I had considered many options on how to incorporate the villa unit construction with the natural jungle landscape that drew me to Manuel Antonio during my first visit in 1974. What has transpired over the years I’ve been in hospitality, hosting guests from around the world, is a growing appreciation of what we chose to pursue as our guidelines back in 1992 when the evolution of tourism truly began here in Costa Rica with boutique family run properties.

I am now convinced that the extra costs and efforts, with my architects, Ronal Zurcher and Jaime Rouillon, created a truly harmonious balance between resort comforts and amenities, that did not sacrifice the natural habitat that still is the greatest attraction for visiting Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica sustainable hotel

Instead of clearing the construction site to build the resort in phases, we instead worked around and within the natural jungle terraces, respecting the tree corridors, and now two decades later, the same flora and fauna that thrived back then is still our main attraction, including the good natured folks who work here with me. Still with no TV sets in any room, and our green credentials supported by CST (Certification of Sustainable Tourism), we are very pleased to continue to read more and more reviews about our brand of sustainable boutique hospitality where exceptional Costa Rica experiences are part of the mantra of Greentique Hotels.

After 20 years, both Si Como No Resort, as well as our sister Costa Rica sustainable hotels in San Ramon at Villa Blanca Cloud forest Hotel, as well as Aguila de Osa near Corcovado National Park, have all kept the same philosophy over the years.

Costa Rica sustainable hotel