I think everyone of us, in some part of our life, have felt sad or depressed… it`s just part of life.  It doesn`t matter the nature of the problem, it`s our problem and, of course, we want to heal and move on… because we have to move on and continue with our life.

It happened to me at times and so today I want to tell you my little secret: What helps me to feel better!

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica = NATURE!

May sound bit strange, I know, but it really works!

Take a moment for yourself and go to a place full of nature. Now breath, stretch yourself  reaching out to the sky and look at it`s vastness. Can you see the movement of the clouds? Magical, right? Now look at what surrounds you: a beach, a garden, a forest… you can hear the birds singing, the sound of the ocean, how the wind moves through the leaves… After focusing on seeing and hearing closely all those wonderful things you cannot feel bad! It`s like being reborn again!

The first time I put this advise in practice I felt incredible… I was here, in Si Como No and the Magic of Nature was in every spot, that`s why I really love this place.

Next time you visit Manuel Antonio, please try it…

Oh and one more recommendation: Try it in the Wildlife Refuge Butterfly Garden (you`ll not regret it). And you, how you deal with dilemas of life?

Karla Montero. Social Media & Digital Marketing