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Regalame Gift Shop & Art Gallery

Part of the Si Como No commitment to sustainable tourism is our sponsorship of various Costa Rican artists, a wonderful group of local talent and internationally known painters, sculptors, and designers, each expressing their skills in various art forms that you can peruse and purchase in our art gallery. We can also satisfy your “Pura Vida” passions with everything from handmade souvenirs to t-shirts, plus all your incidental vacation needs — all at your fingertips at Regalame.

The name Regalame came to be because of the quaint way Costa Ricans have of asking for something you have. “Regalame su sombrilla, por favor”. This literally means, “Make a gift of your umbrella to me, please”. How can you refuse? And it is a perfect name for a gift shop and art gallery that’s been a part of Si Como No Resort for over 15 years conveniently located between Quepos and the national park with 3 kilometers in either direction.

Regalame was born of an idea that there should be a gift shop and gallery representing products made in Costa Rica. Initially it took three years finding the local talent for wood, ceramic and pottery crafts. Painters were a little harder to find, but with perseverance and a real love of art they managed to assemble some of the finest and most popular artists living in Cost Rica.

Most of the artists have become good friends constantly in touch with sharing the evolutions of their work

The jewelry includes the very popular LA Cano line of reproduced Pre Columbian pieces made of silver and bronze plated with 24 carat gold. All the pieces have special meaning such as the frog means, health, wealth and fertility. A turtle means long life. From there Regalame added silver, pearls, and pieces made of the local animals, monkeys, birds, butterfly and sloth’s to name a few.

The beautiful examples of tropical woodcrafts available in are by artists who have embraced the idea of sustainable practices creating art pieces and souvenirs from fallen wood rather than taking down a perfectly healthy tree.