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The Story of Si Como No

Manuel Antonio is considered the most beautiful coastline in Costa Rica!. And no wonder. It’s as if Mother Nature herself sculpted the picturesque beaches. And the rainforest? Like no other on the planet! Imagine a series of natural terraces filled with rare flora and fauna all overlooking the Pacific. It’s all here!

Discreetly integrated into this tropical paradise is Si Como No. Proudly occupying the most idyllic hilltop in Manuel Antonio, this award-winning eco-designed Resort & Spa provides its own signature version of “barefoot luxury” to all its guests.

From Hotel Si Como No, you can visit nearby beaches, the National Park and mangroves. Not to mention, the hotel’s own Wildlife Nature Exhibits, which are adjacent to the property. Guests also enjoy a variety of water sports and local shopping, including the hotel’s “Regalame” Gift Shop & Art Gallery.

Founded in 1992 by Ecovision, S.A., Hotel Si Como No has been a shining example of the global eco-tourism movement ever since it opened its doors. As such, the hotel is a unique blend of the country’s incredible bio-diversity and the deeply-rooted cultural values of the Costa Rican people. An active member of many planet-saving conservation programs, Si Como No practices what has come to be called “sustainable hospitality.”

Principal owner/general manager Jim Damalas came to Costa Rica over 25 years ago. Formerly, an art director and producer working in Hollywood, Mr. Damalas fell in love with the area upon his first visit when he camped in what was to become Manuel Antonio National Park. That “camping trip” turned out to be more than a vacation, but rather the beginning of a love affair with the country and its people that continues to this day.

For the original construction of Hotel Si Como No, Mr. Damalas insisted that the ecosystem remain as undisturbed as possible — amazingly, only one tree was intentionally removed. Great care was taken to ensure that habitat was protected, including animal corridors, to assure the least impact on flora and fauna. Later, he maintained the same strict standards for the development of the adjacent Manuel Antonio Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge,  including nature exhibits and tours of the Butterfly Botanical Gardens, Crocodile Lagoons and Nocturnal Amphibian Gardens. Their most popular guided tour Jim created is the Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure to the the nearby village of Santa Juana where over 10,000 indigenous trees are sponsored by Tree Adoption Certificates along with a full day of adventure and discovery. What once seemed only a “pipe dream” is now one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations in Central America. Thanks to Mr. Damalas’ exacting vision, guests quickly discover that a luxury hotel can indeed co-exist with nature.