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Costa Rica is a small country that was once covered in forests.  But for many decades, we were losing forests due to agriculture, especially cattle ranching. This also caused erosion of soil, as well as soil contamination by fertilizers and pesticides that were used when crops were grown. The country is trying to overcome these […]

Across the street from our Manuel Antonio Hotel is the Manuel Antonio Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge.  It is here that our expert licensed guides can take you on tours of our butterfly garden, amphibian water gardens, and reptile lagoon exhibits.  We also have 20 acres of tropical jungle to explore on daily tours for […]

The region in and around Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat. The local area where our  luxury Manuel Antonio resort is graced with a breathtaking landscape that is home to a variety of furry fellows, colorful feathered friends, and unique sea creatures. The magic of nature surrounds Manuel […]

It’s been 11 years since I started working in this great place, it’s been rewarding in the sense of having the joy of sharing the day with wonderful workmates, who are hard workers and always ready to give their best… And all these details give the place an atmosphere of good vibes and the feeling […]