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Cala Spa

  • Destination: Manuel Antonio

At Cala Spa we are dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere for healing care, utilizing many natural ingredients from our own local gardens here in Costa Rica.

Our staff is experienced at massaging away sore muscles and reducing stress to enhance relaxation and rejuvenate positive energy bringing even more enjoyment to your holiday experience in “Harmony with Nature”! Specials of the Month Si Como No’s Cala Spa offers a unique beach & jungle experience with special added values on popular spa treatments, ask our recepcionist.

Sorry but late arrivals to appointments result in shorter treatment times. Cancellations within 6 hours of appointments are charged full amount if not rescheduled within 24 hours. Special Spa Offers can change without advance notice. Appointments available between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. seven days a week.

For reservations: or call us 2777-0777 ext 220 / Concierge ext 201 and Toll Free 1 (888) 742-6667

  • Facial Treatments
  • Massages
  • Muds & Wraps
  • Scrubs

Heliconia Facial This treatment is designed to stabilize your skin after the effects of the tropical sun by replenishing moisture and hydration thus revitalizing your skin’s basic requirements to rejunvenate you for another day of adventure or relaxation.

The Heliconia Facial also includes a relaxing massage of hands and legs as an added bonus.

Price $75.00 / 50 min

Here are some of the variety of massages that Cala Spa offers their clients:

Cala Flor Massage
This signature treatment combines traditional “Swedish” massage techniques that include firm relaxing strokes that melt away stress. Treat yourself, after a day of nature adventures or poolside siestas, and enter the realm of pure relaxation in the hands of Cala Spa’s expert staff.

Price: $70.00 / 50 min $90.00 / 80 min

Toronja Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper and more focused massage on areas where you feel need more attention. A great choice after beach combing, hiking the nature trails, or after adrenaline adventures. Let us take on those particular sore muscles and stress relief to help ideally close another perfect day in paradise.

Price: $80.00/ 50 min $100.00 / 80 min

Llama del Bosque Lava Rock Therapy
Specially heated volcanic stones carefully placed on key muscle areas provides deep therapeutic bliss making this a top seller at Cala Spa. The Lava Rock Therapy is perfect for melting away sore muscles, providing pure relaxation reaching deep into your muscles with warmth and comfort worth repeating after time spent in the adult pool’s whirlpool terraces or swinging from platform to platform on a jungle safari zip line.

Price: $110.00 / 80 min

Malinche Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
Starting with a back massage, followed by key points from the neck, working down to your shoulders. Each phase is with deep massage strokes. You’ll feel like a bit of heaven on earth that’s great for everyone who likes to get pampered or wants to sample our spa menu.

Price: $65.00 /40min

Orquidea Couple’s Massage
This treatment combines traditional “Swedish” massage techniques with firmer pressure to deal with key points of the body. Treat both yourself and someone special within the relaxed atmosphere and care of Cala’s spa experts.

Price: $140.00 / 60 min

Here are the muds & wraps that Cala Spa offers their clients:

Roble Volcanic Mud Treatment
Experience the healing properties of mineral enriched volcanic mud. First relax with a moisturizing massage of creams and oils especially designed by Cala Spa. Entrust yourself to our therapists while they wrap you into a cocoon with the treatment of volcanic mud to detoxify your entire body and help to also increase mobility along with a Cala Facial Mask.

Price: $105.00 / 80 min

Sabila “sunburn” Body Wrap
This body wrap is especially designed for those sun worshippers that have overexposed themselves to the outdoor environment. Thanks to the natural properties contained in Aloe Vera, your skin will regain its lost moisture and help to reduce sunburn pain by increasing the healing process.

Price $105.00 / 50 min

Here are the scrubs that Cala Spa offers their clients:

Azahares Citrus Salt Scrub
A natural blend of tropical citrus oils and sea salt produced locally in the region. An ideal treatment for adding effervescent body exfoliation to awaken your sunburned or tired dry skin with rejuvenating energy you can see and feel that others will surely notice.

Price: $65.00 / 50 min

Zacate de Limon Herbal Salt Scrub
A combination of organic green tea with lavender and other organically grown flower pedals from our gardens, stimulating your body with a salt scrub giving your skin a refreshing and youthful look.

Price: $65.00 / 50 min

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